The Process


Week 1: Common Ground

This week’s all about understanding your new site and it's purpose. We’ll go through your client homework to make sure we are on the same page.

At the end of the week, I’ll begin the design process. If you’ve chosen the brand package as well, we’ll start with that.  



Week 2: Design & Development

This is where I kick it up a notch and get your site functional, styled, and ready for feedback. Any collateral you choose in additional will be tackled in this week.



Week 3: Ch-ch-changes! 

In our final week it’s time to make changes and alterations to make sure your site is working exactly as you want it to. You'll get your collateral files in print and web-ready formats, and a Squarespace Training session if you've purchased one. Finally, your site is ready to launch!


And that's how it's done!