Procreate Halftone + Stippling Brush Set

Procreate Halftone + Stippling Brush Set


Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil or other pressure-sensitive stylus

Bring all your vintage dreams to Procreate with this bundle of half tone and stippling brushes. Use separately or combine for some unique textures that gives lovely detail to your lettering or artwork.

These brushes are created from textures and source images I have created myself so you receive brushes that are completely different from those offered in the Procreate app.


  • Random splats

  • Stippling

  • Bold Stippling

  • Inky Half Tone Large

  • Inky Half Tone

  • Half Tone Large

  • Half Tone Medium

  • Half Tone

  • Half Tone Small

  • Texture Dots


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  1. Download .zip files to your computer and unzip them.

  2. Place the unzipped .brush files in iCloud. On your iPad, navigate to iCloud where the .brush files are located.

  3. Tap on the .brush file and tap the share button in the right hand corner.

  4. Choose "Copy to Procreate"

  5. Check that the brush has imported to Procreate. You might have to scroll through your brush sets to find it.



Check your pressure curve settings if the brushes aren't reacting to pressure sensitivity. Check out the settings and other troubleshooting tips I use here:

If all else fails - please message me and I can help you out :) 

Enjoy using your new brushes! 

I'd love to see what lettering projects you create with this brush! Feel free to drop a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram :)