Sharin Logo Design

Last year I had the privilege of working with Sharin, a talented animator/illustrator/motion graphics artist. Sharin approached me looking for a hand lettered logo of her name that she could use for her personal brand, something bold, simple and fun, much like her work!   

After our initial chat I went to work putting together a moodboard from some images Sharin provided me and a few that I had found of a similar aesthetic. It was full of brush lettering, with generous thicks and thins which kept things feminine, as well as statement first letters for a bold introduction. 

As she wasn't set on colours quite yet, we decided on a black and white logo for her to then adjust the colours later to suit the future direction she wanted. 

From there i provided three sketches to choose from, each keeping with the brush lettering style with a statement 'S'. We both agreed on concept one, but for it to be made a little straighter and less bouncy. 

For the final logo the lettering was neatened but still gave the fun, bold appeal Sharin was after. I had a great time working with Sharin, and I highly recommend her for her colourful illustrator and animation work that I just can't help but adore. 

Check out Sharin's website to see her wonderful work and the logo in a playful gradient colour scheme!  

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