Dovetails Restaurant and Lord Lamington Suite Ipswich

Last year I was approached by Davis and Finch Concept Design to design the visual identity and event stationery for Dovetails, a new restaurant and bar in Ipswich, Queensland. Dovetails brings an air of sophistication to the revamped 88 Limestone Street precinct smack bang in the centre of town. 


DOVEtails logo design

The unique name of the restaurant gave a strong base for the brand design. Created as a nod to the building's original purpose as a technical college, Dovetails comes from a joint often used in woodwork. Fine lines and details represent the finesse skill that woodwork requires, and gives a sophisticated enough feel for a modern Australian fine-dining restaurant. 


Dovetails Menu Design

As apart of the branding suite for Dovetails Restaurant Ipswich, I had the opportunity to design printed menus for dessert, breakfast, and dinner. With classic typography and gorgeous vintage illustrations, the design ties in the modern and traditional aesthetic of Dovetails. 

dovetails dessert menu design
dovetails breakfast menu design
dovetails breakfast menu detail
Main Web_HQ.png


Upstairs from the beautiful Dovetails Restaurant, the Lord Lamington Suite caters for functions and wedding receptions. Named after Lord Lamington who famously opened the 88 Limestone precinct, the script is inspired by his signature and large profile in Ipswich. 

Submark Web_HQ.png


To compliment the main logo, a submark was for a dynamic brand that could be flexible depending on the application. It could easily be made into a stamp or used on coasters and other collateral.