Top Pros for hiring a designer for your Squarespace website

As I was creating my website while completing my Bachelor of Design, I decided on Squarespace because of its ease of use and gorgeous templates. Years on, I still love the platform and have been recommending it to my clients for the exact same reasons. However, I made a lot of mistakes that could have easily been avoided if I had hired some help! 


But isn’t Squarespace newbie friendly? 

Definitely! Squarespace is a lot easier to grasp than Wordpress, with better SEO than Wix (and even Wordpress). However, a Squarespace professional knows the platform inside out and can go above and beyond to deliver a site that represents your brand with custom buttons and CSS, rather than slightly modifying a default template. So jump in and see why hiring a designer could be the next best thing for your business. 



Saves You Time

I know when I was first experimenting with Squarespace a few years ago I was always changing templates. I would get half way through a design and then realise the template I was using didn’t offer a feature that I needed, like a blog sidebar or full-width banner. Although some settings stay the same when you switch templates, your personalisation of fonts and buttons will not, so it can get tedious and time-consuming to change up your design.   

Hiring a Squarespace designer means you get someone who is familiar with the templates and understands what features are distinctive between them all, saving you time and frustration. 


Support from your designer  

Being the DIY-platform Squarespace is, your designer can give you training after the site has been completed so you can update your images, blog posts and e-commerce yourself. The best support is that which can grow as you and your business grows, saving you time and money! 


Customisation to suit your needs

The base Squarespace templates are wonderfully beautiful and well-designed, but someone familiar with the templates can easily guess you are using a template. With custom Squarespace design, your designer can implement custom CSS and plugins that can transform the template from something standard into something spectacular that really reflects your brands image. 


Simpler than Wordpress

If you’re interested in up-keeping your website yourself, I strongly recommend Squarespace for your platform. Wordpress is a great platform, but can be extremely unforgiving for those less savvy with web development. The Squarespace interface is extremely simple and easy to follow, and their customer support is second to none if you ever encounter an issue that you’re keen to solve yourself. 

What to look for to get a great Squarespace designer

A great Squarespace designer should offer you custom CSS to make you stand out, as well as launch-day support. Check their website to see if you can spot the template they have used - if not - it’s a pretty good indication they have some custom CSS in there somewhere. 

You should also look out for someone willing to train you to use the platform after implementing your site if you are after DIY upkeep. I offer my clients a one-on-one 60 minute training session after launch if they are interested. 

I hope I’ve convinced you to try Squarespace on your next web design project! Please note this is not an affiliated post in any way, just a post from someone who really loves the platform. 


Interested in working with me on a Squarespace design? Check out my info page here!