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11 Gorgeous Examples of Creative Squarespace Business Websites to Inspire You

It’s no secret I love Squarespace. It combines simplicity, functionality, and gorgeous design into an easy-to-use web design platform. Although they have stunning out-of-the-box templates, I love seeing what other designers and business owners can do to look unique. Here’s a roundup of 10 gorgeous Squarespace sites that I love and I’m sure you will too!


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Increase Audience Trust as a Small Business or Entrepreneur: Top 3 Tips to Increase your Website's Credibility

Have you ever wondered what separates a credible, professional website from one that’s not? If your website lacks credibility, visitors will be hesitant to contact you or hand over their hard earned cash. Follow the tips below, and you’ll easily boost your web cred and help increase the likelihood of converting customers. Here’s the 3-point guide to help you!

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Keep your Business' Website Up to Date - The Best Reasons to Update your Website

I’m sure you all know the necessity of having a website for your business in this digital age. But what about knowing when it’s time to update? Having a website that’s up-to-date not only keeps your business looking professional visually, but can also have a big increase in the amount of visitors to your site. Let’s jump into the best reasons to redesign your website now! 

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