Squarespace Plugin Resource Roundup



If you’re like me and love Squarespace, but want to make a bigger statement outside of the default templates - plugins can be a great way to do it. I’ve collected a list of the best places to buy your own plugins to make your website uniquely yours. 


First of all - what’s a plugin and what does it do? 

Plugins are a usually a combo of programming languages, that provide added functionality or aesthetics to a website. They are very common in the Wordpress community, but recently there’s been a spark in Squarespace plugins in response to the increasing number of users who want someone that doesn’t look like the base template. 


Who are they great for

  • Plugins are great for people who want to take their website design to the next level
  • If you’re sick of your website looking just like the original template and want it to look more aligned to your brand
  • You know how to access the Code Injection and Custom CSS settings on your website
  • You know your way around basic HTML and CSS


Who are they not great for

  • You have no clue about HTML and CSS and don’t want to learn
  • You don’t have the time to install and make sure it works on desktop and mobile
  • You want to spend the minimum amount of money to get your website up and running

Yes, I know most plugin sites say that you don’t need any coding experience to user them. But, to get the most out of your plugin you need to be able to alter the CSS to update the colours, line thicknesses, spacing, and fonts. 



For me, SquareStudio was the OG of Squarespace plugins that I came across last year. Support is fantastic, and they have a great range of plugins to choose from. I’ve personally purchased Form One and Grid Gallery Nine. Setup was a little back and forth, but still easy to follow.

I really like their plugin subscription service too, which has huge value for anyone who wants to use a lot of plugins or install them for their clients.


Devon Stank

Devon’s a one man front-end dev that has a little code shop to help fellow Squarespace designers and developers with plugins, video tutorials, and add-ons. I love that he does a visual breakdown of the code snippet which makes it clear what elements you can change or adjust, and the addition of an FAQ at the bottom of every product. 


Hive Social (COMING SOON)

I was lucky enough to participate in the Beta testing for Hive Social’s Squarespace Plugin store, and I have to say they are really kicking it out of the park. They have a small range at the moment, but the support is super fast, and the installation instructions are clear, easy to follow, and streamlined. Plus they highlight the exact CSS to change to suit your branding, so they are a good choice if you are unfamiliar with it. 


Thirty Eight Visuals

Thirty Eight Visuals is a one-woman-shop run by Beatriz who has a great little selection of plugins. I love that her plugins are a bit different, and match a minimal aesthetic with bold elements. Plus, she’s got some great tutorials, guides, and resources to get you through your Squarespace customisation process. 



Although not specifically for Squarespace, Power.io still have a fantastic plugin library for a range of functions. The one downside is that each plugin has a seperate monthly subscription cost - which can add up quickly.   If you’re like me and have a billion other subscription costs you should probably avoid this one. 


Honourable Mentions


The Custom Square

Square Websites

A Final Note

It’s easy to get shiny object syndrome and want to buy ALL THE PLUGINS (definitely me), but you should stick to a few strong ones to start with. Maybe this is a hover gallery effect, new button animation, and a new form design. You want to make sure that your site has the optimal layout, function, and readability before you go crazy with the design. You can check out my free 47-Point Homepage Checklist to get more advice on this. 

And that’s a wrap! Let me know if you enjoyed this roundup down below, or if I missed any of your favourite places to buy plugins. Happy customising!