My Essential Freelance Organisation Apps


Apps are my life as a freelancer. They reduce my stress, increase my productivity and keep me organised. I never miss a due date and always have a plan of attack for my day. 

But the trial-and-error process of finding apps that work for you can be super time consuming.

This is why I created this list - to give you an idea of the essential apps I use on a daily basis so you don’t spend hours upon hours searching like me (whoops)



Evernote is a great note-taking app that can sync across multiple devices. I use Evernote for quickly writing down ideas and writing fully-fleshed out blog posts like this one.

It’s great because I can jot a quick idea down on my phone, start drafting on my iPad while I’m on the go and finalise on the gorgeous Mac app. Plus I can easily insert images and clip content from web pages using their web clipper. 


Free with paid options | Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, & iPad


Toggl is a time-tracking app that is a must-have for me. Although I bill on a per-project basis, having an idea of how many hours it takes me to complete a certain project is essential to make sure I’m charging my client a fair price.

Toggl allows me to organise my timed amounts in projects and by client, which makes it easy to keep track of billable hours. It also gives a summary over any amount of time you choose, so you can see exactly how many hours you’ve wasted on Facebook that week.

Although there are paid options, it supports teams up to five for absolutely free! 


Free with paid options | Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, & Linux, with add-ons for Chrome



I love lists. I’m one of those people who write down things I’ve already done just to cross them out and feel the accomplishment.

However, I always end up neglecting lists I have written on paper as they get lost and I hate lists that I feel like I need to dedicate a lot of time to. Thankfully for me, Wunderlist provides a solution.

Available on practically any device, all of my lists sync together so I always have a way to quickly check what needs doing. I can create folders for my lists so I can break everything down into project phases and separate my work to-do list from my shopping list.

My favourite part is you can type something like “send invoice on Friday” and it will automatically set the due date and reminder for Friday - a huge timesaver!


Free with paid options | Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, & Chromebook, with add-ons for Chrome, Firefox and Safari


Google Calendar

A basic one but one I can’t live without. A calendar that is easy to use, free from visual clutter and syncs across my devices is crucial for me, and Google Calendar ticks all those boxes. I can create separate calendars for work, study and personal life, and view them all at once so I can see where I am free.

Although there isn’t a dedicated iPad app, you can use the default Apple calendar app and sync across all your events from Google Calendar so it’s no big loss. 


Free | Available to sync with all devices



I have tried quite a few project management apps such as Wrike and Basecamp that have not worked for me, whether it’s because I don’t like the interface or it’s just too complex for someone who doesn’t need the team management side of things.

So you can imagine the joy I felt when I found Trello.

Although it is made primarily for teams, I find it works great for me as a sole business owner as it doesn’t display all the team management stuff so in-your-face. 

Trello is great for breaking projects down into digestible stages. I use a separate board for each of my projects, which I can then share with my clients if needed so they can see exactly what stage we are up to.

My lists are generally broken down into phases such as design phase, revision, printing, final delivery, and completed. Trello is fantastic because you can easily drag tasks between lists, making it easy to see what has been completed and what needs attention. 


Free with paid options | Available for Web, Android, iPhone & iPad, with add-ons for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari and integration with Slack


I’d love to know what other essential organisation apps you are using - let me know your favourites in the comments down below!