How to find your ideal customers | Ideal Client Avatar


Do you know the importance of finding your ideal client?

Once you’ve discovered your niche, you want to get inside your ideal clients' head to understand their fears, problems, and needs. If you get inside their head, you know exactly what to offer to help them! The best way to do this is to create an ideal client avatar. 

An ideal client avatar (ICA) is essentially a detailed description of who your target customer is. The description looks at all you need to know to be able to market what you’ve got on offer to your ideal client. 

It looks a lot like an online dating profile. It includes some personal details, as well as info on inspiration, problems, fears, objects, and wildest dreams. By the end you should know so much about your client you could even guess their favourite movies!

I’ve created a free downloadable workbook that outlines all the questions you need to ask about your ideal client to make sure you completely get them. Download it, fill it out, and hang it where you’ll see it every day to remind you to stick to it!