Keep your Business' Website Up to Date - The Best Reasons to Update your Website

I’m sure you all know the necessity of having a website for your business in this digital age. But what about knowing when it’s time to update? Having a website that’s up-to-date not only keeps your business looking professional visually, but can also have a big increase in the amount of visitors to your site. Let’s jump into the best reasons to redesign your website now! 


Better Conversion Rates

Did you know that 38% of people will stop using a website if the layout is unattractive? That’s a lot of potential buyers or clients! If your site has a visually-appealing layout, with content that matches your overall brand aesthetic, visitors are much more likely to trust your brand and thus stay on your site. Visual hierarchy, typography, colour schemes, and utilising white space effectively are all essential ingredients for a website that converts lookers into buyers. 


Be Aligned with your Brand and Voice

Sticking with the visual side of things for a moment - redesigning your website can give a huge boost to the authenticity of your brand. Gorgeous images, intriguing copy, and a showcase of your business are all ways you can better speak to your audience. 


Opportunity to create a call to action

Your website should be much more than your contact details on the web. One way of doing this is making sure no matter where your visitors are on your site, they have a way of completing the action you want them to. This could be contacting you, purchasing from you, or any other ‘action’. 


Make your website mobile responsive

Did you know that 60% of ALL Internet access is mostly mobile? Not only is a mobile-responsive website more user-friendly, but Google gives priority to responsive websites in search engine results. 

For a real world example - Plusnet, a broadband provider, saw a massive 10x increase in sales originating from tablets and smartphones after investing in a mobile responsive design. What would 10x the sales do for your business? 

Find a web designer that aligns with you and what you want your website to achieve is paramount to a thriving website that brings in new leads and opportunities for your business or blog. If you’re interested in what areas your website or brand could be improved, contact me for a free website or brand audit!