Best Website Practises for Interior Designers and Stylists


After you’ve found your ideal client, you’re going to need a killer strategy to get those clients clicking to your website.  I’ve researched and collated the best practises for an interior design studio’s website so you can make sure you have the best chance at booking more clients! 


A Killer Gallery

It’s an obvious one, but I still see a lot of interior designers neglect it. You need to make a big first impression for potential clients who are checking you out online - and the best way to do this is to have photography of your best work front and centre. 

The most effective way to get those killer images that sell? Hiring a professional photographer. You want all of your images to have a cohesive feel to represent your own unique styling, while being high-resolution so browsers can see the gorgeous detail that you put into your work. 


An Amazing about me

It’s all about you! No matter if you are riding solo or apart of a small agency, you’ll want a descriptive about me so those seeking interior design services can get to know you personally. Being open about your experience and telling a story about how you got to your position can do wonders in creating brand trust. And when people trust you, /people want you./ 


 Client list

Another way to create trust? Having a list of clients that you’ve previously worked for. This shows you’ve got an established reputation as an interior designer, and people are much more willing to hand over their cash to established businesses vs new ones. 

If you’re only starting out and have had only had a couple of clients under your belt (I’m talking 1-2) don’t stress - writing a case study on those clients can boost your trust as well. Detail why they came to you, what their problems were, and how you fixed them. Showing that you can fix problems with your design skills is exactly what customers are looking for. 

Better yet - ask if you can do a guest blog on your clients website. Not only will this bring in new leads from people swooning over their new gorgeous styling, but you’ll create some strong backlinks which are which are like protein power balls for SEO. 


Social media links and integration

It’s no secret that social media can do wonders for your business, and who doesn’t feel great every time they get a new follower? 

The best part is that there are /so/ many ideas of what to share for interior designers, here’s a quick list:

  • Colour palette mood boards
  • Colour of the day
  • Favourite decor pieces
  • Previous client work (larger pictures with smaller detailed shots)
  • Your own home 
  • Storage ideas
  • Reposts of styles you love 
  • Behind the scenes

You’ll always want icons or a mini-feed of your chosen social media channels to have on your site either in the footer on every page or at the end of your landing page. The easier it is for people to follow you from your website - the more people will do it! 



Although it is possible to build a successful website without a blog, it’s still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. The easiest way to come up with content is to put yourself into your client shoes - what content would interest them the most? Here’s a few topics to get you started. 

  • Styling mistakes to avoid
  • DIY home decor
  • Seasonal trend reveals
  • Feature material inspiration post
  • Styles of decor  

The most important part is to not force the content - if you hate blogging and writing with a passion then don’t do it! You will quickly get frustrated and dread working on it. If creating fantastically-organised Pinterest boards is more your thing, then concentrate on that to build your traffic. 

Press features

Have you had your styling featured on a blog? Interior design magazine? Architecture mag? Let people know! Like the client list - being featured on other sites and in magazines will help give your business a big boost of trust. Display the cover image of the issue you were featured in and give your browsers some eye-candy. 


List of services

Not everyone’s an expert in interior design and styling! I know as a graphic and web designer I have heard the ‘so, what *exactly* do you do?’ phrase more times than I can count. So I’ve made sure I’ve got a spot on my website that shows people what they can expect from working with me straight-up. 

Do you offer remodelling, consulting, or installation services? It’s time to educate your visitors! Making it clear from the get-go will lower the chance of someone enquiring that wants a service you don’t provide, and makes way for those who are serious about hiring you.     


Newsletter signup

This is a biggie - I cannot stress this one enough. Collect. Those. Emails. 

Even if you’re not sure what you’d even send to readers right now - collect them anyway! Set up a basic Mailchimp account *(it’s free so no excuses)*, integrate it into your site and off you go. Tell your readers what they will get in return (exclusive offers, discounts, referral codes, etc), and put it in the footer of every page of your site. 

Having a mailing list is so helpful in growing your business. If you’re running a promotion - you can easily put it in front of those who have already told you that they **want** to hear from you.

Keep readers to date with your blog posts and watch your traffic increase as they become your loyal subscribers.

Opt-in freebie/lead magnet

If you want to get serious about building a mailing list - the best way to do it is with a small freebie in exchange for subscribing to your list (commonly known as a lead magnet in the marketing business). Some examples are guides, cheatsheets, checklists, and workbooks. But, you want to make sure your lead magnet is tailored to your audience - so make sure you give great styling advice to get those visitors signing up.

And that’s a wrap! I hope this post has been helpful for your interior design biz - let me know the biggest thing you’ve learnt in the comments below! 

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